From Mt. Everest to Ground Zero: How Medcor Uses SysAid

Medcor Provides On-Site Medical Services and Telephone Triage, Using SysAid as Their Help Desk Every Step of the Way


One perk to providing Help Desk software is that our customers bring their SysAid Help Desk to some incredible places. Medcor, who uses SysAid for their IT department and customer service department, is a perfect example: Medcor provides on-site medical services in places such as Mount Everest, Ground Zero, San Diego Zoo, and Universal Studios in Hollywood—bringing SysAid Help Desk to manage their tickets everywhere they go.

Medcor delivers an effective solution for responding to injuries and illness in the workplace, providing medical assessments of the injured worker's condition by a registered nurse using Medcor's proprietary software and algorithms, followed with advice on how best to treat each injury. For a company that deals with medical issues and emergencies, customer service and IT efficiency is vital: "The urgency and complexity of the calls we receive make quick and professional customer service a key element to our success," said Tom Huffine, Medcor's Technical Support Manager. "We get a couple of hundred customer service emails each day, and we needed efficient customer service software to help us track our client requests.”

So how did a company that also supports an ER clinic 14,500 feet above ground level at the Mt. Everest Base Camp in Nepal choose SysAid? "SysAid’s customer service edition is what we needed to stay on top of all our client emails, calls, and requests—all in one place," Huffine explained, "and our IT department was already using SysAid and extremely satisfied with their SysAid Help Desk."

During times of crisis, like the post 9/11 recovery and Hurricane Katrina, Medcor handles sensitive medical situations—always placing customer care as the number one priority. Using SysAid, Medcor continues to ensure that customers get the support they need, when they need it:

"Our customers are automatically updated Sobre the status of their request tickets—taking our customer service to a new level and creating better communication with clients," Huffine said. “We can now keep customers notified of the status of their requests in real time, and ensure tickets are directed to the right agents and attended to in specified timeframes."

Are you wondering what SysAid features come in the handiest at Medcor? Huffine answered: "SysAid helps us manage client requests efficiently with reminders, escalation rules, ticket history, documented conversations, and automatic reminders that pop up and say, 'Don't forget you need to look at this and get it resolved.'"

Whether Medcor is helping people during emergencies, ensuring safety on mountain tops, or behind the scenes of the film industry, we are happy that SysAid can help the people at Medcor to continue to do the good work they do—wherever it is.